About Us

Innovation in Online Business Protection

We’ve seen how chargeback problems can affect businesses. The disruption, the uncertainty, the potential closure.

That’s why we do more than just manage chargebacks. We actively work to fix these problems so that you don’t have to worry about having your merchant account terminated and focus, instead on growing your business.

What distinguishes Fraud Deflect from the rest is our ability to go beyond providing solutions. We are a partner in progress, keen on sharing success with our clients.

In essence, Fraud Deflect is more than just a vendor; we are a reliable partner committed to protect digital commerce, ensuring security, and promoting mutual success.


Guiding the Way Forward

Scott E. Adams


Mari Perroni


We aim to be the EVOLUTION of Friendly Fraud and Chargeback Management bringing Trust, Integrity and Transparency to an industry that too often uses ‘tricks of the trade’ and is shrouded in mystery.