Data Analysis​

Chargebacks and Alerts are meaningless without great data analysis to go with it. Our team and systems constantly analyze and keep an eye on your traffic so we can make sure to maintain industry leading results.

sFTP and API Data Collection

  • API Integration with top CRMs and Gateways and Processors
  • sFTP services with Processors, ISOs, and other providers
  • Merchant ability to share data direct via API or sFTP or even AWS S3

Analysis (Automatic Insights)

  • Prevention of Duplicate Alerts
  • Detection of Alerted Chargebacks (and refund request)
  • Report generation of RDR vs CB data (if your processor doesn’t report right)
  • Monitoring of Chargeback and Fraud Rates
  • Custom Reporting is available too


  • Automatic Chargeback Reporting to CRMs
  • Auto refunding of Alerts via your Gateway or CRM or Merchant API
  • API Reporting to your systems via Webhook
  • Auto blacklisting and Commenting in CRMs


FraudDeflect make it simple, and with little to no integration, to share transaction data with Issuers during their customer support calls... right when the card holder is most likely asking for a chargeback. We have a high success rate of preventing the chargeback before it even becomes an alert ... thus saving your sale!

We support all the current and upcoming Collaboration Systems
Verifi Order Insight
Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 Real Time
Ethoca Consumer Clarity
Mastercard First Party Trust (coming in 2024)

All of this without any merchant engineering lift in most cases. Since we connect to CRMs and Gateways we often do not need the merchant to do anything. If we do we offer easy to use sFTP, AWS S3 and Rest API options that are way simpler than the other providers.


FraudDeflect is fully integrated and partners with all alert providers so that we can receive any available alerts and stop your chargebacks before the card brands are notified. This prevents you from being on any of the monitoring lists and saves you chargeback fees.

We support alert systems with full integrations and automations
  • Verifi Cardholder Dispute Resolution network (CDRN)
  • Ethoca – Consumer Dispute
  • Verifi Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
  • Ethoca – Confirmed Fraud
  • Plus Verifi Inform for Fraud Flag Transactions and Chargeback Notification


In the event that everything else misses, we still can represent, which we do 'by hand', since there is no substitute for the human ability to tell the story to connect with the person reviewing the chargeback and show them why you, the merchant, is in the right. We also take full advantage of the regulations like Visa Compelling Evidence and other rules that limit your chargeback liability.

Our belief is that Chargeback Representment is mostly going away and automation via the services we're seeing come out lately is the future. In case those don't work for some transactions or others slip through the holes in these systems, we do represent chargebacks for our merchants.

Key Differences
We manually submit our representments
We use direct merchant processor connections
We do not dispute chargebacks that we feel are true fraud

Slash chargeback rates

Cut Chargebacks by 70% in a few weeks