Scott E. Adams

Scott E. Adams, Fraud Deflect’s co-founder, is well known and respected in the online business community, the card-not-present payment community, and the affiliate and Internet marketing community. He successfully combines exceptional IT skills and cutting-edge anti-fraud mechanics to solve problems and quickly improve a company’s ROI.

Direct response and Chargeback experience

Scott learned he was an entrepreneur and fraud fighter when early in his career, he grew a small $5M direct response company that was losing their merchant account to a company with revenue of $25M annually and a healthy chargeback rate of 0.7%. During his decade leading that company, He created one of the earliest affiliate metrics tracking systems and developed his own proprietary anti-fraud software.

Through this, Scott realized he had to become an expert in Payments and Fraud since this would be core to anything he did in the future and to any other business world wide. Eventually, he was voted on to the merchant board of the Direct Response Forum (now known as PaymentsEd).

After exiting the direct response company, Scott consulted and spoke on the topic of Fraud and Payments wanting to share the knowledge he gained through the ordeal of nearly losing his merchant account at his former company since he felt that the situation, with education, could be avoided.

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Speaking and Writing

While working with the Direct Response Forum board, Scott met an industry icon, Polly Bauer, who told him the number one thing he could do to further his career was learn to Keynote Speak. He promptly followed her advice and joined her at the Bill Gove Speech workshop taught by Steve Siebold. Since then he’s become known in the industry as a top speaker and has spoken and continues to speak all over the world and online.

Video Games Industry vs Fraud

This lead to his next major roles in the payments and fraud industry and in to a new and exciting space … eSports and Video Games! Scott jumped in to these roles as Director of Risk and Fraud at Riot Games excited to help a rather new and rapidly evolving industry tackle Fraud while also participating in the rise of eSports.

Scott was previously the Director of Fraud and Risk at Riot Games, an international online game company with millions of users worldwide. In his years with Riot, he took the company from being fined by Visa/MasterCard and near TMF to good standing in just a few months. He also traveled the world and met thousands of people who share a love of gaming and technology.

After Riot, he consulted for numerous companies, including, Epic Games (makers of Fortnite), to improve their businesses, lower their chargebacks, or for some start-ups helped them launch their payments and fraud departments right the first time.

FraudPVP / VMPI Facilitator

Scott then launched FraudPVP as an early and top Visa VMPI Facilitator landing clients and partners such as Kount Inc and Synapse (a Time Warner Company). At FraudPVP, Scott started as the sole employee both coding and building the business. He built the bridge between Visa’s popular but elusive service called Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) and the Merchant world. His service was very popular due to its merchant centric User Interface and the availability of its No-Code implementation. Scott and FraudPVP helped numerous merchants rapidly lower their chargebacks with VMPI and Real Time Fraud/Dispute Notifications plus some of the consulting/education.

Kount and Equifax

After Kount absorbed FraudPVP, Scott joined Kount where he was honored with, the industry first title, Vice President of Friendly Fraud. At Kount he first lead the teams building out their Dispute and Chargeback Management (DCM) product which was based on FraudPVP and he consulted for Kount merchants helping them lower chargebacks and fraud. Equifax eventually acquired Kount and after about 6 months Scott decided it was time for a break and then was ready to start his next company.

On the Personal Side

Currently, Scott is the CEO and co-founder of CNPMentors, and Fraud Deflect along with his business partner Mari Perroni.

Scott also is involved with a few other projects in the finance, crypto and related space. Check out for his current and ever expanding entrepreneurial interests.

Beyond business, Scott is happily married living in North East Florida. He has 3 kids, 3 dogs and enjoys hanging out with the family, coaching little league baseball, general aviation (yep, he’s licensed in fixed wing and rotorcraft), Golfing, and teaching/learning Self Defense / Brazilian Jiujitsu (He’s a Brown Bel)