Mari Perroni

With a passion for unraveling the complexities of language, culture, and international fraud/payments, Mari Perroni has worked hard to become an expert in her field. Having lived in multiple countries and delved into diverse industries including Fraud and Payments in Video Games, Localization, Customer Support, and even teaching English, Mari’s journey has been nothing short of ordinary.

Through her experiences, Mari has gained valuable insights into the nuances of language and culture that play a crucial role in understanding fraud and payment scams. Her expertise has helped many businesses navigate the complexities of international transactions, ensuring that they are protected against fraud and other financial crimes.

As the COO and Co-founder of Fraud Deflect, Mari is dedicated to helping businesses protect themselves against fraud and payment scams. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has developed innovative solutions that enable businesses to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding their financial assets and reputation.

In addition to her work with Fraud Deflect, Mari is also a partner and consultant at CNPMentors, where she provides guidance and support to businesses looking to expand their operations globally. Her deep understanding of language and culture allows her to offer valuable insights and advice to businesses looking to navigate the complexities of international business.

Overall, Mari Perroni is a true expert in her field, with a passion for unlocking the secrets of language, culture, and fraud. Through her work with Fraud Deflect and CNPMentors, she is helping businesses around the world protect themselves against financial crime and achieve success in the global marketplace.

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Experienced International Language Expert

Mari’s journey began as an English Language teacher in Brazil, following an eye-opening year as an exchange student in the United States.She became passionate about teaching English, but then another opportunity took her away from Brazil once again, this time to Europe, first Italy and then England.

In Italy, she proved herself a natural at speaking yet another language. For nearly a year, Mari immersed herself in the Italian culture and language. She also volunteered as an interpreter at local churches since she found a dire need from English and Portuguese speakers in the community that didn’t understand Italian.

Video Games Industry vs Fraud

From Italy to the United Kingdom: A Passionate Journey in Customer Service, Fraud Prevention, and Video-Gaming.

Mari left her home country of Italy to work for Lego in the United Kingdom. It was there that she first discovered the world of International Payments/Fraud and Customer Service, and found that she could combine her love of games and languages.

As a lifelong gamer, Mari was thrilled to land her dream job at a video game place like Jagex for their MMORPG- Runescape. She became the Community Manager for the Brazilian market, and also served as the Coordinator for both Brazil and English. During her time at Jagex, Mari discovered her passion for Fraud while temporarily covering a billing position, which allowed her to dive deep into billing/payments, localization/translation, player safety, and even some product management. Mari quickly became a fan favorite at live events and online, and knew she had found her calling.

Mari’s next adventure took her back to Brazil to help Riot Games start a new Player Support team for League of Legends. She began by running Billing for Brazil, and soon enough became the Fraud Manager. Mari even had the opportunity to stop a notorious fraudster who was spoofing player accounts, and oversaw a significant drop in chargeback rates from well over 3% to under 1%. Mari also had the chance to speak and work at live events around the world, which was a truly unforgettable experience.

On the Personal Side

Currently, Scott is the CEO and co-founder of CNPMentors, and Fraud Deflect along with his business partner Mari Perroni.

Today, Mari thrives as the COO/Co-founder of CNPMentors and Fraud Deflect along with her business partner, where she combines her knowledge and expertise to help businesses navigate the subtleties of international markets, cultural variations, and the ever-evolving landscape of fraud prevention/chargeback management.

On the personal side, She is happily married living in North East Florida with 3 kids and 3 dogs. She enjoys reading hardcover books (no not ebooks), hanging out with her family and friends, learning latin ballroom dancing, playing the piano and playing video games. She also keep up with her studies of languages.