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Do chargebacks keep rolling in and you don't know why?

Have you tried other solutions, but the alerts don't work or you get very few?​

Do you just want to automate and not even worry about chargebacks?​

You can go live and lower your dispute rate in less than
24 hours with no engineering work!

“Thanks for helping us get our friendly fraud under control! In the first 30 days it was reduced by 50%. At day 60 we were 63% and by day 90 we were 93% lower! We appreciate Fraud Deflect and are a customer for life!”

Mike, Founder of GroomerTracker

Proactive Fraud Management Solutions

Increase your Lifetime Value while Lowering Fraud

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Our mission

Redefining Friendly Fraud and Chargeback Management for Trust and Transparency

We aim to be the EVOLUTION of Friendly Fraud and Chargeback Management bringing Trust, Integrity and Transparency to an industry that too often uses ‘tricks of the trade’ and is shrouded in mystery.

Infinite Opportunities

Our Merchant
Pain Points Solved

We’ve seen how chargeback problems can affect businesses.

Automate dispute handling and chargeback prevention with little to no engineering work

Monitor your Fraud and Chargeback Rates in real time

As many as 3x Actionable Alerts delivered than Competitors

Slash chargeback rates

Cut Chargebacks by 70% in a few weeks