Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 - How it can help your business
Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 - How it can help your business

Challenges in Fraud Prevention

Friendly fraud, also known as chargeback fraud, poses a significant challenge for merchants in the e-commerce industry. It involves customers disputing legitimate transactions with their banks, resulting in chargebacks. This not only leads to financial losses for merchants, but also impacts their reputation and increases operational costs.

To address this issue, VISA has introduced a robust tool called VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0.

Understanding VISA Compelling Evidence

VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 is an innovative solution designed to assist merchants in providing compelling evidence in response to chargeback disputes. It empowers merchants to present detailed transaction information and evidence to VISA, supporting their case and reducing the probability of chargebacks being approved.

How does VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 work?

When a merchant receives a chargeback notification, they can respond by using VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0. This tool allows merchants to submit a comprehensive suite of evidence within the required timeframe. The evidence can include order details, shipping information, customer communication, and other relevant data.

Merchants have the option to integrate with VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 through their existing systems or use it as a standalone solution. The tool informs the evidence submission process, enabling merchants to present a strong defense against friendly fraud chargebacks.

Benefits for merchants

  1. Reduced Chargeback Costs: By leveraging VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0, merchants can significantly reduce the financial impact of chargebacks. The provision of compelling evidence decreases the chances of chargebacks being upheld, resulting in long-term cost savings for the merchant.
  2. Improved Win Rates: The comprehensive evidence package generated through VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 helps merchants present a robust case. This leads to higher win rates when responding to chargebacks, enabling merchants to retain the revenue they rightfully earned.
  1. Enhanced Reputation: Friendly fraud chargebacks can tarnish a merchant’s reputation and erode customer trust. By actively utilizing VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 and successfully combating chargeback disputes, merchants can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation in the market.
  1. Streamlined Process: VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 simplifies the chargeback response process for merchants. The tool offers a user-friendly interface, facilitating the gathering and submission of necessary evidence within the required timeframe. This saves merchants valuable time and resources.
  1. Insightful Analytics: The tool also provides valuable analytics and reporting features. Merchants can gain insights into chargeback trends, identify recurring issues, and proactively take measures to prevent future friendly fraud incidents.


VISA Compelling Evidence 3.0 is a powerful tool that enables merchants to effectively combat friendly fraud chargebacks. By providing comprehensive evidence within the required timeframe, merchants can reduce chargeback costs, improve win rates, enhance their reputation, streamline their processes, and gain valuable insights into chargeback trends. By utilizing this tool, merchants can protect their revenue and focus on providing exceptional customer experiences in the e-commerce space.

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